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Event Guidelines

Rider Plate Colors:

Pro : Red Background White Numbers

Expert : Yellow Background with Red numbers

All Clubman : Yellow Back with Black numbers

Women : Blue Background with Yellow numbers

J1 & J2 : Red with White numbers

J3 & J4 : Black with Yellow Numbers

Race Format:


A sprint is run on the format of an enduro special test. Riders complete as many heats of the course as indicated in the final instructions. (At the discretion of the Clerk of Course) There will be an escorted sighting lap of the course prior to the commencement of the race. Times will be cumulative; the rider with the least accumulated elapsed times for each class will be the winner and so on. Start order will be in number order or as directed in the Final Instructions. To be considered a finisher a competitor must complete 75 percent of the heats. Uncompleted heats will receive a time penalty. (Slowest time in class plus 50%)


Enduro Rules will be as per the GCR's unless notified in the series rules or Final Instructions. (Registration, Headlight, taillight and brake light for enduro only) Penalty for non compliance 20 points per light. Riders must hold a current Civil Motorcycle Licence or Learners Permit appropriate for the capacity class that they enter.

Cross Country

Cross Country competitions will be conducted on a 15 -20 minute marked course, where competitors are required to continuously race on the course for up to 3 hours. (Clubman Over 35 & Over 45 2 hours, Juniors 1 hour 30 minutes) A designated refuelling area will be available and all refuelling and mechanical work will be carried out in this area. Engines must be stopped for refuelling & Rider must dissmount the bike. Penalty - exclusion. There will be an escorted sighting lap of the course prior to the commencement of the race. Start will be in class order where there is a one minute break between each class, the Championship Class is first, the Expert and Clubman. The Expert & Clubman class start order may vary at each round. Juniors will compete at different times to the above classes. The race will finish at up to 3 hours unless otherwise directed by the Clerk of Course, to be considered a finisher a competitor MUST cross the finish line at or after the Winner and must have completed at least 75 percent of the laps of the winning rider in their class. The competitor's machine must not have left the marked course, including the refuelling area during the race. Clubman over 35 & over 45 compete for 2 hours, Juniors 90 minutes.

Working a Round for Points

You must be a licensed member of the Promoting Club If your club is not hosting a round you may work for another club. You MUST nominate that you are working via VORC Online Entries prior to round.

There will be no dropped round for and Juniors cannot be allocated worker points. Championship (Pro) and Expert Riders CANNOT work at a round for points.

You MUST nominate that you are working via VORC Online Entries prior to round.

Trade Teams

A Trade Team consisting of 3 riders can be entered for the season prior to Round 1, any Trade House can enter team, however all riders must be licensed through Motorcycling Victoria. (2 reserve riders may be nominated). The Trade House must forward their team rider details to the Championship Organisers at P.O. Box 149 Bendigo 3550 prior to Round 1.

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